The sexy secretary of my boss

A blowjob at the office

My boss has an incredibly sexy secretary. She doesn't even need it, because as you can already see since I called her “she”: she is a woman, and no lesbian either. So what does she need a sexy secretary for? I could use one, much better than she does. But I have got an old and nasty vixen doing my typing and the other office work. I wouldn't even think of shagging her if she was the last woman on earth! She must be 60 if she is a day, all fat and ugly. That she dresses impeccably in drab grandmother's clothes doesn't make a difference either.

But the secretary of my boss makes all my juices flow. She is a large woman, a big beautiful woman, although she is far from being fat. She simply is a busty woman and perfectly round in the right places. Her behind is really something else. I have never seen a sexier booty, and with her skirts all such a tight fit, you can't help seeing those two large ass cheeks of her smoking hot bubble butt when you watch her from behind. You can even see the cleft, her skirts usually are that tight! Dear god – I am sure that at least half of the men are running around with an erection the moment she comes in sight. What a gluteus maximus – the finest I have ever seen! And her boobs are just as hot. They are luscious, round boobs, pushed up and together firmly by her bra, perfectly firm and jiggling like jelly when she walks. No man can see such tits without imagining laying his hands on them. But so far no man has. As far as rumors go, she never had an office affair, not even the smallest of all flirts.

And then she came on to me during our last office summer party. I don't know why, and I don't know whether there will be any repetition of this office fuck. Or rather, office blowjob, to be precise. I only know that it happened. Although sometimes to me this seems so incredible that I am afraid I may have dreamed the whole thing.

Behind the building where our company has its office there is a large and wild garden. Normally no one uses it, but it has been a tradition that our landlord opens this garden to us for our summer party at the office. There is a barbecue, lanterns, soft music, lots of beer, lots of talk – and lots of naughty things going on, if you know what I mean …

Normally, I deeply enjoy that party, but this summer – this all only happened a few days ago – I simply wasn't in the mood. My girlfriend had just left me, and all I wanted was to get drunk and forget about her. But you can't get drunk at an office party. Or rather, you shouldn't. That's why I lingered in my office, with everyone else – including my own, decidedly un-sexy secretary – already gone.

Suddenly, the door to my office literally flew open, and the secretary of my boss stepped in, wearing a slinky sheath, nearly transparent, hugging her curves and showing them off as if she was naked. “If you want to come to me, I will come to you”, she purred. I didn't know whether the pun was intended or not. She already seemed to be a bit drunk. On unsteady feet she walked across the room, knelt down beside me, putting her hands on the armrests of my chair and whirling me around, so that I faced her. “I will make you forget all about your girlfriend”, she whispered. I swallowed. Looking down her enormous cleavage was making me forget already.

She pressed my thighs apart, and, without the slightest hesitation, got to my trousers and let the zipper rustle down. Then she opened the belt and the button beneath. I was barely breathing at that time. I had never known she desired me. Or was it some kind of duty call, mere pity? I didn't know and I didn't care. I slid forward in my chair, making it easier for her to push down my pants and get on my cock. Hard and quivering, it lifted its head. Which immediately disappeared in the soft, wet, warm cave of her mouth. This sexy secretary gave me a blow job that nearly made me cry out with ecstasy. Then she got up again, with her lips all wet and red and swollen, and left me to pull up my trousers and follow her to where the party was.

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